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It's over!

Its over! Uniloc and Microsoft settled... finally. Quite understandably the settlement terms are not being disclosed in a gesture of goodwill for each party since it was according to Microsoft's spokesman a mutually agreeable resolution.

At some stage, what this means for Uniloc and Microsoft will become more apparent, but for me as the inventor it means the question mark hanging over my patent is no longer in question.

It's kind of like having your career anchored on a test you did when you were a kid and someone questioning your score decades after the fact... all you can do is stick to your position and hope the truth rings true.

Also, to be candid, having a large powerful corporation as a detractor is not an easy thing to deal with.

To be fair, the Uniloc team was the real relentless effort behind this good turn. Even though I started this by filing the patent 20 years ago, I have relied on the Uniloc team for much of the last 8 years to represent my interests along with the other shareholders of Uniloc as the case ran it's course.

For those of you who have been long term supporters and interested in the ongoing battle, I just want to say thanks on my own behalf. Most of this story played out in the States, but since winning the Jury verdict for $388 mill back in 2009, the subsequent Australian Story episode and the many articles following the case since then, pretty much all the notes and messages I have had have been of support and well wishes. Well thanks everyone.... it really was appreciated.

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