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Weakerz: wearable speakers invention

Sometimes the simplest things are the best

Multiple Payment Options Technology

Inventor Ric Richardson speaking at TiE Melbourne on Monday

Sound share patent sale response strong

Ric Richardson files simple local sharing patent - its yours for $13,350

Google Hangout round 2

Ric speaking about software patents at IP Australia patent forum

Inventor help for this week

1st Inventor Masterclass at Byron@Byron

Next book in the series - Headhunting

Discovered: Killer App for Google Hangouts

Inventor Masterclass Oct 12th - Booked

Inventor Workshop Series Book1 of 5 - The Big Picture

Inventor Series - Book 1 - The Big Picture

Next 2 weeks probono and discount consulting slots

Richardson granted patent for dependent encryption keys

Software patents - a reasoned perspective?

Mojang reaction incredibly strong

In defense of patents

Ric Richardson reaction to negative press on Uniloc vs Mojang

Ric Richardson's latest technology Instashare - coding partner needed

At 16min 17sec Matt makes a good point... Australian Govt pretty good compared to US and most others

My mate Matt Barrie on the promote Aussie startup campaign. Good on him.

Just agreed to help out at Sydstart in September. Peters a good bloke. #sydstart

Media24 Magazines in Cape Town, South Africa ( just asked for photo for article. The story just keeps going.

Agreed to help year 11 student

Do software patents stifle innovation?

Ric opens forum to help with help request backlog

Fri probono with Jeff Caligari

Visitor request for a book on Inventing

Whooah... 3000 visitors and 200 requests

Crikey reports 1.3 million watched Australian Story

Segment on Channel 10 - Breakfast

Getting help from Ric

Thank you Australian Story

Another Australian Story about Ric to air Monday 9th April

Revised Executable QR code provisional patent filed

Video segment covering Australian Story crew

Today Tonight runs a segment on the Settlement

Some questions people have asked...

Update on articles so far

It's over!

Microsoft and Uniloc settle

Voicy Software Design Overview by Ric Richardson

How does Voicy Work and why I came up with it

Breaking 100 year old Tesla Mystery

Candidate for a zkimmer book

Flat Tire Detection

Reputation Driven Social Network

Personal Data Blackbox

Updates on the Inventor Roadshow

List of Music written or recorded by Ric Richardson

Australian Story - Episode about Ric

List of patents