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With some inventor friends and a great designer and prototyping expert

Thought I'd just share with you  a photo from my lunch today with some dear friends who are also fellow inventors. We had lunch together with a really fine designer and prototyping expert named Mark Boardman who I have worked with over the last 18 months...

The couples invention is yet to be publicly announced so I will have to wait to share their story with you but I thought Id share Mark Boardman's expertise with you... most of my projects are fairly large scale and dont require 3D printing or CAD CAM rendering but most of you who want help from me usually do... Mark has a day gig working for a 4 wheel accessories company but he is open to doing jobs for inventors on the side... hes not cheap, but he's good and solid... and delivers... which is why I work with him.

If you need a 3D print or a simulated cadcam rendering of your invention give him a call.

Mark Boardman

Just because he works with me does not mean he does the freeby thing so only call him if you are willing to pay... but if you want a good job done I recommend him.

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