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I met with an optimistic fellow name Max Dumais yesterday who needed some patent and start up advice for he and a friend who are the brains behind the idea of Aquamation... using hydrolysis which is a high speed decomposition process to replace cremation as a earth-friendly way of burial.

Here are some incredible facts: 1. That 15% of the mercury in the atmosphere in the UK is from smoke related to the burning of human remains; 2. That using Aquamation in place of cremation would do the equivalent of taking 35,000 cars of the road every year in Australia and; 3. The way the EU is dealing with the issue of cremation is by enforcing a law that requires a $300,000 chemical and carbon scrubber be placed on the flew of every cremation burner.

A quick survey of some of my personal network uncovered that over 60% of Australia's crematoriums are owned by one off shore American, and that Cremation has obtained an exception under the Australian carbon tax laws. Obviously the government wants to avoid dragging loved ones through the carbon tax debate during the grief of losing a loved one. But it seems that overseas interests are profiting from that goodheartedness.

On top of that a survey by the Fairfax news group last year showed that most people would prefer Aquamation if it was available.

Mmmmmm. Here's an idea. Let me state for the record that I am neutral on all political issues. That said, there is an obvious opportunity for consideration in that the EU is already moving to stop the pollution by regulatory means, by insisting that a scrubber that costs more than the furnace be installed.

Could this be done in Australia?
If people really would prefer Aquamation then why not?
Its Australian technology... it's carbon-less.. it's cheaper and the proceeds go back to a company here in Australia.

Note: Ric is neutral on matters of politics and has no affiliation whatsoever with any political party.
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