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What has Ric been up to lately?

A lot of you have been asking what's been happening lately... well I've been pretty flat out! Last month I did a speaking event in Adelaide and a week ago to a great bunch of innovation managers for mid to large size corporations... I also have helped a handful of fellow inventors inch their projects forward.

Most mornings I start at 5am often working on problem solving for Fortescue Metal. They are really fun people to work with. Besides these I have the preparation for the new technology role out in January (that I have mentioned in this blog), another hush hush technology announcement that I have NOT discussed before (I'm waiting to see if the team involved hits their deadlines) and three other projects I can discuss.

These include a website to help Model Agencies get control over their clients photos and copyright, a group of Japanese businessmen visiting me to rethink the worlds Digital Rights Management systems and to design an inter-operative and better flavor of DRM and the Australian Patent Trading Exchange.

Many have asked about the TV show I've mentioned in the past and the prospect of a book. Well both are on the cards still. The TV show is in the hands of respected television veteran Peter Abbott at Freehand TV. He is patiently working through the process with the television programmers so I have no question things are going as fast as they can on that front.

And regarding the book, I am adding tidbit here and tidbit there and also firming up what I think will be the most reliable advice for the many inventors out there who really need some insight into how things work from my perspective, and to give them a clearer more direct path to a taste of success without dragging the family into debt... wow. It makes me tired just reading about it :-)
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