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Siri works... amazingly

I've had my iPhone 4s for a few weeks now and just realized something really significant has happened in the way I use technology. I found myself actually PREFERRING to reply to emails using my phone and voice dictation than typing at my PC.

The key was realizing that you can actually edit the text in the Siri screen after it shows you dictation results and also realizing that this actually helps the voice recognition system improve.

This became clear when I was constantly signing off emails as Ric and Siri would type out "Rick". When I started editing the emails, Siri picked up on the problem and started to spell my name correctly. Someone who says "this stuff has been around for a long time" is not a serious user of it..

I remeber when I used a mouse and a WYSIWYG display for the first time (on my first Mac and Amiga). The feeling was empowering... this darn phone is giving me the same feeling... a paradigm shift.
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