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Uniloc and band Kulcha first music and interactive CD ever?

Wow this was a blast from the past! Was going through old video footage from my early days running Uniloc and came across this project... a multimedia CD which Warner Music advertised as the worlds first music and computer game CD!

It featured a hip hop band called Kulcha and a Uniloc protected copy of Doom on the same CD..
I remember working out how to mask the data to stop the speakers from blowing up when the CD player tried to playback the game data... we came up with the trick of setting the track number for the data to track number zero which in most cases fooled the CD player to go straight to track one and ignore the data on the CD... CDROM drives could see the data and install from it... pretty cool for 94.

Wow. We really did a lot of cool things over the years.

At the end of the video the Warner voice over says that it was the WORLDS FIRST interactive music and game CD.... maybe it was! What an honour.

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