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Sydney Morning Herald runs Good Weekend story


Asher Moses from the Sydney Morning Herald emailed me yesterday to tell me they were running the Good Weekend story online soon and it popped up just now.

The link to the story is this:

For a bit of background on some of the projects mentioned in the story please click the special welcome in the right column to Good Weekend Readers.

Some extra news for you is that Microsoft’s attempt to have the Uniloc patent questioned by the US Patent office failed last Friday. The patent office ruled that the 216 patent is legal and stands in its entirety despite claims by Microsoft that there were prior inventions… now all that is left is to get a Jury to give us a good damages amount and then wait to see if Microsoft appeals that decision and then tries for the Supreme Court… well that’s my understanding of what’s ahead… it’s been a long battle but I’m not complaining… anything worth while usually takes a long time.

Still can’t get my head around the beautiful mind thing… to me most people will be surprised how well they think when they clear out pressures, get in a good calm and interesting setting (like the fig tree lane in the article) and take their time to really analyze a problem… the brain just seems to love that situation… oh and a good cappuccino every two hours or so!

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