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Provisional Patent for Sale $3,500

No. It’s not one of my patents. But pretty good in any case. A pretty relentless inventor I have been helping has asked me to see if I can help him sell a provisional patent we have worked on together to cover an unexpected cost he has to cover.

The patent covers an invention he came up with to vent toilet bowls as they are used rather than venting all the air in the bathroom after the fact.

How it works?

Basically a tube connects the toilet bowl with the toilet s-bend and contains a fan activated by sitting on the toilet seat that sucks the air out of the bowl direct to the S-bend when the user is sitting on the toilet.

I did the prior art search myself and it looks pretty clear…

Some people may ask, your well off Ric, why don’t you buy it?

Well I have always been tempted to buy or get in on good inventions but that would compromise my ability to help people and be seen to be neutral… also I hate doing business, and the gentlemen I rely on to bring my inventions to life ask me to only work on projects that are worth in the millions… this project is needed, its cheap to manufacture but worth millions? That may be questionable…

So what do you think?

Want to have a go?

Then email me directly at and lets see if we can give a good beginner inventor his first break at a good price.

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