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VoiceTING... text messaging but with your voice!

Whats this? Imagine texting....

Yes I'm dubbing it Voiceting... as in texting but with your voice... what do you think? Ive put a form below so you can give me some feedback... It's really important to me so please make the effort.
Here is how it works. You go to the Voicy messaging app like you would the standard text messaging app on your phone and you choose a recipient from your phone book but instead of typing a message you hold a little record button and speak your message. Then SEND.

The recipient gets a message notification saying XXX has sent you a message and you can choose to play or cancel and play later.

They see who sent the message then here your message and then can reply by... voice. How cool.
When you get their response back you can hear the last few seconds of the message you first sent and then their response is played back to you, and the conversation goes on as needed... back and forth. In the example above I am planning to add the ability to send photos as part of the app and maybe normal text if you want to reply without sending voice but the idea is to COMBINE THE CONVENIENCE OF TEXTING WITH VOICE without having to use a phone answering or message system... the audio gets uploaded and downloaded automatically and is instantly ready for you to hear and listen to.

This is a stripped down version of a technology I am developing for my parents involving a physical phone with the ability to send and receive VOICETING messages and also keep them in conversations like you do on an email system but I couldn't resist seeing what everyone thought of this idea as I am seriously considering getting it coded and onto the AppStore if there is enough interest.

Please give me your feedback below and help me make the decision to go ahead with this project....

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