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Ric's system for delegating email to his PA using screen recording

Just thought Id let you in on a little experiment I am running at my office with my PA Danielle. Since our work times don't coincide I've been looking for ways to allow her to help me as much as possible without having to spend much time face to face.

Besides my penchant for hanging a voice recorder around my neck an uploading the voice messages to Evernote for her to work on, the next best thing we have done is using screen recorders.

Here is how it works:

  • I have a screen recording app running all the time. It is set to record only the window I am working in. 
  • When an email comes in I work out if I can handle it immediately or if not I quickly summarize in my mind what I want to do and then hot record.
  • While looking at the actual email (I use GMail) I record my instructions using my voice while highlighting things on the screen so that Danielle can see exactly what I'm talking about.
  • When I click the stop button the file is recorded to a time stamped video file on my desktop.
  • Then I drop the file onto a shortcut which links across my network to Danielle's machine and a folder on her Desktop. 
  • The icon changes to reflect the new file has been added and she opens and works on the file.
  • When she is finished doing the task she changes the name of the file to describe what it was about and drops it into a sub folder called DONE.
So far so good... we have been using it for a few days now and it seems to be working well. She really loves that she is seeing what I'm seeing but working on tasks in the order that makes sense for her... for me it's really fast and convenient. And I can keep doing what Im good at which is NOT answering emails!
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