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Refining how to get the Incubator working

There is a famous American Baseball movie that touts the phrase “if you build it, they will come…” well frankly, getting the Incubator going is resisting our efforts to make it really go fast.
It has received a lot of interest from inventors especially the brave hearts who were on the Inventor Roadshow with us but it is obvious that something more is needed to get things heating up.
So this blog is opening up the idea of a “Hatchery”. A special process for those that want to avail themselves of a service where I am prepared to volunteer my time to help with strategic advice pro bono as long as the project founders are willing to invest a little money in covering the time of the professionals I want to use to help hold your hand through the process.
This enables me to help lots of people and keep the costs to a minimum by using business helpers that are relatively cheap but can help you implement the advice I share with you and are familiar with the process.
The steps are fairly stra…

Tip for filing trademarks overseas

Just a little idea I have used but have not shared with you is how to file Trademarks with overseas trademark offices such as the USPTO.One of the biggest issues is working out what categories to file your trademark in. Its all pretty confusing, however I use this simple trick. When I search for the appropriate category I just look for trademarks of products in your same space or even your competitors trademarks to see what categories they have registered in… its pretty easy to search and it can help you make sense of that countries category labelling system.
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