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Location based wiki concept

Searching is so proactive… every time you want to find something you have to initiate the search… what if relevant stuff was presented to you simply based on location?

This idea is being worked on at an operating system level by one of the inventors we help but my idea is a lot simpler… what about a Wikipedia that showed you search results based on your location rather than a search term?

Here is a for instance…

  • I go into Byron and look in my location wiki… I can switch between a list of the nearest notes/ wiki pages I’ve written myself or pages by others but I can do things like…
  • See the latest photos from locations near where I am standing…
  • see the notes of the waiters name at my favourite restaurant just up the block.
  • Or that the book shop around the corner is having a special on Clive Cussler books.

What would it take to do something like this?

A simple interface to Google Maps where a pin sts the location of your note or wiki page, a second list allows you to associate the location with a specific business or address, then write the title and note and mark it private or shared.

mmmmmmmm… not that hard to do.

What do you think?

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