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We won the Appeal – Jan 4th 2011


Big news today. Another step forward… with caveats, but a big step forward.

As the inventor of the Uniloc technology it is a great thing to have put your future in the hands of the US legal system by applying for a patent, then have that patent withstand some of the heaviest scrutiny ever in history and come out intact.

Many people have made wild comments from the sidelines claiming its all about the money, but that is only secondary. The fact that I made the choice to file a patent and not use the money to put a deposit on a home, is a true investment in the legal system.

The hope that if it turns out that I really did invent something of significance, that I and the people who helped get the technology going, would be protected from people stealing, or just taking the idea.

The jury verdict last year was a great feeling. The judges decision to overturn that decision was a major setback. Today’s decision get’s us back on track towards justice.

The courts decision can be read at:

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