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Inventor Roadshow on TV News

What a great day this was… congrats to everyone especially the inventors who showed over 70 different projects to experts who flew in from Sydney and drove down from Murwillumbah.The above news segment was featured on NBN TV News and covered some of the many interesting inventions presented on the day… the event ran from 11am to 3pm with a few people turning up even then…Thanks so much to everyone for the support and interest.Ric

In the Wall Street Journal again

Over the weekend Julia Angwin’s (Senior Technical Editor) counterpart talked to me about the appeal result… quite rightly she focussed on the real issue. Guilt.

It seems the technical workings of the damages calculation machine has overshadowed the most important thing. Next after this is making sure the fair thing happens.

The fact that Microsoft in their own documents say that they made $5.5 billion from Activation should go a long way to making sure justice prevails… if someone uses another persons idea illegally then they ought to be made to recognise that they can not profit from doing so… that’s the fair thing.

Inventor Roadshow - now oversubscribed!

Without any advertising until today in a local newspaper, we have run out of slots for people to present their inventions at the Roadshow in Bangalow next Sunday....
With only a week of promotion including one radio segment and a newspaper article in the local Echo we have been flooded with interest... all this in a country town of 15-20,000 people....
And the quality of inventions! Wow... 
All of the registrations seem to be serious and interesting... I hope we can help them all move forward and find a home that allows them to see their invention realized.

Fwd: Amazing Quality of Inventor Roadshow applicants

Ive just been reviewing the last few registrants for the Inventor Roadshow event coming up Sunday week and the quality is amazing... where do these people come from? Many of them have just started responding from an article in the local newspaper called the Echo up here in the Byron area...

Invention seems to be the iceberg past time of Aussies... and not just a passing interest.. most of the submissions are for really serious inventions and technologies... we are in the process of getting gear together and finalizing arrangements for what is bound to be a very special and enlightening event.

Sydney Morning Herald Article about the win

Ben Grubb rang me today and recorded our interview which he included as part of the article... since the original jury win last year I have been dealing with Asher Moses but he is in Las Vegas at the CES at the moment... it was great to get a chance to speak for myself as the inventor of the patented technology.

13 Inventors signed up already

Registrations for the Inventor Roadshow are mounting up already even without any publicity... of the 14 registered so far, over half are people off the street... this is getting very interesting...
Publicity for the event is going out tomorrow so it will be interesting to see if we get past our minimum target of 30 but since I have about 20 people turning up from the group I have already been mentoring it looks like we have just about reached that figure.

We won the Appeal – Jan 4th 2011

Big news today. Another step forward… with caveats, but a big step forward.As the inventor of the Uniloc technology it is a great thing to have put your future in the hands of the US legal system by applying for a patent, then have that patent withstand some of the heaviest scrutiny ever in history and come out intact.Many people have made wild comments from the sidelines claiming its all about the money, but that is only secondary. The fact that I made the choice to file a patent and not use the money to put a deposit on a home, is a true investment in the legal system. The hope that if it turns out that I really did invent something of significance, that I and the people who helped get the technology going, would be protected from people stealing, or just taking the idea.The jury verdict last year was a great feeling. The judges decision to overturn that decision was a major setback. Today’s decision get’s us back on track towards justice.The courts decision can be read at:http://ww…
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