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Richard Bransons latest book

Siri. iPhone and Bluetooth glasses. Mmmmm

My latest office location

Secret Project Codename: TZ

With some inventor friends and a great designer and prototyping expert

Handy texting for iPhone concept


Ric's Hobbies

About the Van

Siri works... amazingly

Inside the new fitted-out Dick Mobile... Man in the Van goes upscale

What has Ric been up to lately?

Pretty big technology announcement coming within 4-6 weeks.

Every good turn deserves... at least a thank you.

Fwd: notice of allowance for 11/470,235

APTX site to help inventors

Incubators new look

Uniloc and band Kulcha first music and interactive CD ever?

Cherio from Ric to all the visitors coming in from the Sydney Morning Herald news site.

Sydney Morning Herald runs Good Weekend story

Carbon Tax explained… a non political explanation.

Wonderful Feedback on Good Weekend article

Yeah I get it… I’ve got to lose weight

Ric in Good Weekend mag- Sydney Morning Herald

Welcome Good Weekend Readers

Customize your iPhone home screen with your own icons and weblinks

Provisional Patent for Sale $3,500

Using sound to triangulate location

Ric's system for delegating email to his PA using screen recording

Collaborative shipping–an Amazon book should cost 6 cents

Cool keyboard invention

Writing patents for others… disappointment

The latest on Uniloc vs Microsoft

VoiceTING... text messaging but with your voice!

5 out of 10. 5 to go.

Can RailTrucking alleviate Australia's trucking congestion?

Why the Van helps Ric get thing’s done

Computer screen for the blind

Refining how to get the Incubator working

Tip for filing trademarks overseas

My first book published on Amazon Kindle

Innovation Festival–My privilege to help kick-off

A new patent licensing model – SELL A BOOK!

Collaberative Location finding for mobile devices

LESANZ dinner guest speaker

My mate Matt–Entrepreneur of the year

Another US Patent granted

More on the location wiki project

Intellectual Ventures… let’s see what happens

Location based wiki concept

Inventor Roadshow on TV News

In the Wall Street Journal again