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The importance of Momentum

n. pl. mo·men·ta (-t) or mo·men·tums

1. Symbol p Physics A measure of the motion of a body equal to the product of its mass and velocity. Also called linear momentum.

momentum = mass x velocity

In business terms this means the same thing. Bringing weight of experience and resources to bare (mass) with speed of execution (velocity).

This lesson was classically illustrated today. I met some really smart surf tech types today with my mate Bob McTavish. They have a really great product and idea but were ginger about committing. They even have a patent but are all cautious and wary.

What they have come up with is probably of real importance to the surf industry and they need to be careful that they are not run over by bigger players, but that is what the patents for.

The meeting nearly went nowhere as they have limited resources and could not even give a sample to Bob to try out… then the breakthrough… the momentum.

I convinced the guys to give Bob all the gear they had so that Bob could make his own samples… as many as he needed to satisfy any reservations.

Bob is an “in the moment guy”. If you have his attention he will run hard with it, if you dilly dally he will quickly move on to the next thing… he's not being mercenary, he just hates long term planning and having a ton of things on his plate… so I got in the ears of the two guys that visited and convinced them to give everything they had to Bob so he could run as hard and as fast as he wanted.

That is momentum.

Speed does not mean unthinking… you have to be smart. But the thing is MAKE THE DECISION.

Bob is a momentum monster. When he senses a good opportunity and can execute a project in a timely way (when weeks are required not months) he generates incredible momentum. His connections, the goodwill others have for him and his own enthusiasm all mass together (mass) to great success when matched with a high velocity plan (velocity).

I for one am happy to be part of his next adventure.

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