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Thankyou for all the support

4,000 visitors in one day from the Sydney Morning Herald article. Again I feel privileged that the Uniloc story and our fight has been of so much interest. To me its just stuff that has to be done, but it is so great to have the support of everyday people.

Thank you.

A small but vocal few persisted in touting their contrary opinion which is fine but mislead. The fact that Asher Moses reported an inflammatory comment by a local lawyer may be necessary to be seen as neutral reporting, but his position that there may be doubts about the integrity of our patent claim are truly unfounded.

For the record:

  • Patent trolls do not spend 18 years building business that they are only trying to defend.
  • We only took action after it was blatantly published by Microsoft exactly what they were doing.
  • If we were patent trolls, do you think we would go after the biggest software company in the world by choice?
  • If we were only in it for a quick buck, why would we pick the most expensive case to fight first?

Come on.

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