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University of NSW wrap up

Thanks to you all at the University of NSW for the interesting night we had last Wednesday. I was expecting mainly business and science post grads and students but was surprised to find faculty, University business partners, researchers and even some VC’s made up the majority of the audience… so they knew all the industry lingo and were very tuned in to the subject of business development… we moved very quickly and due to the interactivity explored lots of area together… I have a few ideas from the time together and will explain them in upcoming articles but here are two that stand out…

  1. The need for a change of culture at Universities to write provisional patents rather than whitepapers and my suggestion to UNSW to then place these in a portal that allows third parties to buy or license the technologies. Then if the patents aren't sold or licensed to simply publish them as public domain after the 12 month expiry of the provisional. It’ll cost $200 each but will open a commercialization window that wasn’t there before. and;
  2. The need to explain the idea behind a planning cap table and how it helps preserve equity across the whole life of your project to exit. This request came from a number of audience members who approached me after the talk…

So, thanks everyone… I had a great time and especially to Steve Brodie for putting the evening together.


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