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Strong response to Remail2Aus

The response to the idea of the Remail2Aus service has been quite strong. Its also been interesting to see how many people has recommendations to the dummy website we set up to get some feedback.

Things we learned include:

  • Keeping it simple works for Google but NOT for a re-mail service!
  • People need to see examples and savings calculations.
  • People wanted to know quickly if it will work for them or not so a list of scenarios is needed to clarify how the service works…
  • And a clear section “of how much I will save” type examples…

We will be getting a new dummy page up soon with a vote counter on it so if you want to participate come back in the next day or so… with the kind of feedback we have been getting it will be much faster for us to get up as site and service that really makes sense.

Thanks so much for giving us your feedback.

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