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Remail2Aus update: decrypting the US postal rate calculation…

This article relates to Rics work on a cheap remailing service to have things bought in the US sent back to Australia using the US postal services cheaper rates…

Decrypting the way the US postal services rates work is harder than I thought… it goes something like this:

  1. You tell them what weight your package is then
  2. You work out what speed of delivery and size tolerances you want as well as whether you use the USPS boxes (cheaper) or use your own packaging…

The problem with building Remail2 Aus is that I have to basically rebuild this site!


This is the initial postal service selection screen found at:


This is the detailed service selection page that follows at:

These is also some forms that need to be filled out for international shipping/ customs… sooooo things are starting to get complicated… but not a deal breaker.

WHAT IS ENCOURAGING is that the prices are 30%-80% cheaper than courier rates!

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