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Remail2Aus: Remailing service for Australians buying in the US

In a call last night the right elements came together to start working on a project that has been waiting to happen for a long time… Remail2Aus.
It’s a re-mailing service that allows Aussies to send their purchases to a US address and have them re-mailed to Australia using cheap US Postal rates rather than expensive courier company rates… sure it takes a long time (often 10 days), but the price is much lower.
For example I wanted a hard-to-get watch from … its hard to get here and the price is twice the US price… the watch costs $70 bucks there but the international shipping is $45… since id have to pay $15 in Australia if I bought the same watch at $135 I’m still out ahead.
But if I used a good re-mail service where the US Postal rate is $13 for the same package and a $10 handling charge Im only paying  $7 more than my local courier charge…
The trick is to make it simple… no accounts to set up, just get a quote number and pay for the re-mail service by credit card or PayPal when the goods turn up at the re-mailing centre… it should be really cool and convenient.
The remail2Aus service should be up within a week or two.
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