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Loogle is dead. Long live Barcodie

The project started as Loogle has now been renamed Barcodie.

The original logic for the name Loogle was that the technology was a local search engine for finding stuff to buy. ..

local +google = loogle.

Since we have worked on the project it has become clear that the project is all about barcodes… ie the ability to scan a bar code on a book or a CD or a toy and automatically have the software fill in all the information about what you are selling except the sale price and the condition and voila… instant searchable selling website for asll your neighbours to see…

Thus, the clear center of the idea is the barcode… if you can find a barcode on the thing you want to sell then you can scan it and sell it… with your iPhone or your web cam…

Thus the name…. Barcodie.

Coming soon to

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