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Reposting from the States to Australia

image  Why is it that if the AU dollar is at 90 cents we pay twice the rate Americans do?

I checked FEDEX and UPS for a 7lb 2 terabyte hard drive that cost me $200 US to buy and the shipping quote was $160 USD!

Plus Amazon won’t ship computer hardware to Australia probably due to grey marketing rules.. so what are we to do?

Well one lurk I have come across is the US Postal service package rate (see the picture) which shows under 20lbs at $40 and under 4lbs at $14.

So what can you do? Well ideally Id like to set up an Aussie remail service where you ship your stuff to a US address then it gets repackaged and sent using the US Postal discount rate… Im going to try this out by sending multiple items to one of my US companies and having them put them all in one box to send to me for the <20lb rate of $40. For that I reckon I can get a 2TB network attached storage device, an iPhone 4 and an iPad for less than $40 in shipping… now that sounds a little better.

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