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Remotely update song lists in your car MP3 player from your home WiFi

This little project is about having an MP3 player in your car that can be seen on your wireless network so that you can update play lists and mp3s from your home network without having to plug and unplug devices from your car stereo.


Well, that’s what this project is about. Just make sure a wireless repeater or your wireless router is near as possible to wherever you park your car.

Next, buy an MP3 player that is wireless capable such as the Creative Zen X-fi  that allows your network to find it and update songs and play lists. The final trick is to find a circuit in your car that is always on such as the cars lighting circuit… you want the player to stay on so you can see it on the network from inside your home… the power draw is not that great unless you plan to leave your car in the driveway for a month without using it and you can always just turn the player off when you don’t intend to update the music list for a while.

Just permanently attach the player to a good place on your dash with a permanent connection to your car stereo and you are away.

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