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Rail Trucking in your own car


The ultimate vision for Rail Trucker is personal rail trucking. You pack to go on your annual holiday and drive a little north of your city to a rail on ramp. You drive across a pit that allows mini rail bogeys to roll up and under your car in one smooth action. The drive wheels of your car are now driving rail wheels.

You wait for a little green light to tell you to join the main line north. You gently accelerate to 110kph/ 60mph, set the cruise control and get comfy. Your own engine and brakes control the car.

A rail-side wifi system tells your iPhone when there are delays and upcoming level crossings or off-ramps. If you want to watch a DVD just use a mini radar and laser warning system to tell you when animals/ vehicles or any other moving thing is on or near the track.

Feel like a break? Book the next off ramp on your iPhone. The tracks are switched to send you off to the side rail. As the rail wheels follow a piece of track that goes down into a little pit, your car tyres again take the weight of the car and you head off for a bite to eat and a little quiet time before hitting the road… er rails again.

No traffic jams, no trucks, no headaches.

Want a really easy ride? Catch up to a convoy heading north and using an automated coupling connect to the back of the convoy of cars and trucks and let the lead vehicle dictate the speed and braking… a special rail control device automates driving for you.

This and more is Rail Trucker.

Also coming… what about emergencies, want to get off the track fast?… what about safety… how to get multi car efficiencies… cant we join a meal cabin and just tow the car? What about the level crossing nightmare?

The only thing wrong with the photo? With real rail trucking the driver would not need to have hands on the steering wheel, the rails do it for him!

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