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Rail Trucker – converting trucks into light rail vehicles


This project is really starting to get some legs. I’m still in the process of exploring what to patent but its getting real exciting that something like this could really eventuate. The basic idea is to put light weight rail bogeys under a truck in such a way as to allow the trucks own drive train and brakes to move and stop the truck.

The next phase which I’m nearly through is getting the truck on and off the rails without using jacks or lifting systems… I came up with something pretty snazzy and will show you once its locked down and patented.

Next after this I have been looking at electronic support systems for such a setup. Things like radar and laser devices for rail level crossings and animals on the track, rubber bogey wheels for quietening down traffic on railway tracks… and traffic management for all the trucks, commercial vehicles and cars that may want to be travelling the rails once this thing gets going… can you imagine it…

…get on the rails in Sydney, get off at Port Macquarie for a bit of a look around, back on until Coffs Harbour… the whole time on cruise control watching a DVD and looking up now and again to check a warning from the radar or laser box that tells you an animal is near the tracks or that a level crossing is coming up. Sign me up…

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