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The day Geoff Eldridge from Australian Dirt Bike died.

I don’t remember what I was doing but I remember the call I got that Geoff had been in an accident. Jumped in my car for a quick drive to the ADB offices in Brookvale.

Wayne Brady was there with the crew waiting to hear from Vicki (Geoff's missus). The news came, Geoff was dead… some idiot in a 4wd had got onto the race circuit thinking it was a dirt access rode and Geoff had gone into his bull-bar on a blind corner in the lead at top speed.

I’ve never had a wheel detach from its hub, but that’s what it felt like. The hub of ADB had just broken away from every spoke… I felt sooo very sorry for Vicki… got to speak to her on the phone… she seemed so in control, but I knew in my heart she was covering her shock… it must have been horrendous for her to be there without everyone. For me, I wrestled with that feeling of loss that makes you feel like you need to throw up… the ADB magazine crew with Wayne and I just sat in the gutter opposite the ADB office in stunned silence for what seemed like ages, then the calls started and people calling in to find out the details.

I really felt like jumping on a plane to go comfort Vicki but she was already making plans to get her and Geoff's body back home…. besides I wasn't family even though Geoff made me feel like a cousin…

Later Vicki gave me the honour of looking after Geoff's backup KTM for the Six Day Enduro in Cessnock… it had all Geoff's favourite mods but more importantly it was a reminder of Geoff every time I rode.

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