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“Back in Dec of 2006 I was intrigued by a story about a bus that could run on rail way tracks. Ever since that day I've been chewing over how to make something that could retrofit existing trucks and vehicles… maybe there is a way?”

The other night I was driving back from a meeting past truck after truck on the Pacific Highway heading south on their night run. Many of them driving within a few dozen feet of each other to benefit from the slip stream of the truck in front… efficient but deadly.

I started toying with chaining trucks together which in turn led to a revisit of the idea I say the Japanese did 4 years ago.

It’s been pretty busy around here but despite this and a couple of 3am nights there is a strong foundation of an idea for a system of rail cradles that attach to trucks just for the trip.

There is definitely one or two patents here so please be patient with me to get them filed so I can give you more detail but maybe, just maybe this idea is goer.

Pic from original article

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