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Evernote kludge for delegation and business productivity


If you are lucky enough to have the circumstances where you have a support team, one of the best things I have ever come across is a kludge of using one shared Evernote account for your whole team where the team coordinator becomes the recipient of all incoming Evernote notes and acts as a triage point to then on send the messages or notes for execution by other team mates.

Here are some situations:

  • I have just walked out of a meeting and want to send a thank you to the people I have just visited.
  • I open Evernote on my iPhone, go to voice record and start recording the following… “Seb (my assistant), please send the following voice message as an attachment to <people I just visited>, thanks mate.” and hit the save button.
  • Then I record a second message “Hi <so and so> thanks for having me today. I will follow up with etc etc etc”… and hit the save button.
  • Seb receives both messages as soon as they are automatically uploaded and he processes them for me sending the voice message as an email attachment…
  • People say it is very personal, and for me it is fast and timely enabling me to capture ideas or details the moment they occur to me which is often the best time to record them…

Another situation

  • I just got given a half dozen cards at a conference. While I can still picture the person that gave them to me and what we discussed I take a photo of the biz card and then send it to Evernote,
  • then I record a quick note like “Hey Seb, please add these guys details to Gmail contacts and make a few notes about the following audio notes and add the audio and any notes you make to the pic of the card so I have some background if I research this guy in the future.
  • Then I add some audio notes to remind me about meeting the person who’s card I received. “Seb please put the Evernote note in our Archive folder  for future reference” and when ever the persons name comes up in the future I have all my audio and card notes in one easy to access place… and all i did was take a photo and make a quick audio note.

Yet another situation:

  • Voice note: “Hey Seb please put a follow up call in my diary for next week to follow up and see if we are on schedule with <the person I just visited>”
  • Or while looking at an email “Seb please send the following as a reply to <sender> in response to email <tilte of email”… then I start a new note that says “Dear <so and so>got your message and wanted to get right back to you… etc etc”.

This method is really really fast… its personal and ensures my team mate Seb is up to speed on everything that happens to me. For this to be perfect I’d love to have an iPhone notification system when new messages/notes  come into Evernote on my iPhone and also the ability to raise the recording quality of audio notes I record in Evernote… but apparently that’s coming…

How would you use this Evernote kludge?

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