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Song No. 14 – Zep Test (Unnamed)

For those out there that are the “creative type” you’ll know what I’m talk about when I rattle on about having an alternative creative outlet. For me it’s having a go at writing music.
This song is a big experiment for me. I started out with a riff and a bridge on slide guitar really recorded roughly (through my webcam audio would you believe).
Then I started experimenting with a piece of software called Sequel which I then used to edit down the rough guitar audio into sections and added a basic drum arrangement.
The first rough arrangement I recorded to MP3 and can be heard here. This is by no means anything like finished but I hope to use it to experiment with arrangements and try different vocal arrangements.

Note: This is only a very rough initial demo without vocals

Link to the MP3 is here. 

In the near future I will be putting mp3s here for each of the guys I am auditioning to play the various parts in the song… drums, bass and vocal.
Vocal Audition Demo
I hope my old mate Sven will have a go at doing the vocals for this. When I get it done Ill have a vocal audition mp3 here that allows Sven to listen to my vocal arrangement on the left channel and the drums, guitar and bass on the right stereo channel. Sven can listen to my vocal idea on the left and then turn me off and listen to the arrangement without vocals so he can come up with his own thing after hearing my idea. He can even sig over the right channel and send the file to me to share his ideas.
I plan to do the same for the bass and drums so that the guys I audition can hear what the idea is and work on it at home before submitting their ideas.
If you would like to hear this music as it evolves please make comments below and Ill make sure you get an invite to come back whenever this song is updated… maybe it will have a song title soon!
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