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Seminar at Sydney University with PHD and Business post grads

At the kind invitation of former Innovation director for CISCO, Jeffrey Tobias I was a guest speaker at Sydney University last night talking about building Uniloc, invention and the importance of patents. The audience was so engaging that we completely lost sense of time and went 2 hours instead of the planned 1 and a bit. Sorry guys... but the interaction with you made it really engrossing for me too.

Interestingly, some of my ideas about business building is what really got people going but we only got to that in the last 10 minutes. Come back soon and I promise to include some of that in the blog but in the meantime look for the article "Making your ideas fly" which also covers some of the principles I discussed. Please feel free to ask questions and ill try and answer them here in the blog... had a great time. Thanks for having me. Ric
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