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Ric's song No. 3 - Move It

This song was written for a short film that accompanied the release of Aussie film "Man from Snowy River" during it's theatre release around the world back in the early 80's. The song was meant to capture the energy of the then growing BMX craze. I was sitting with the producer of the short listening to music and when he heard Devo's song Whip It, he said "that's it... but I want to it to sound more green" and the song Move It was the result.

I wrote this piece just fresh out of high school at the age of 18 or 19.

Move It was recorded in Rhinoceros Studio's which had just opened. In fact I think Andrew who ran the studio said we were his second customers ever. Rhino later went on to become the home ground and owned by Australia's major music export INXS with whom I worked as a computer music guy at Tim Farriss's home studio from time to time.

I recorded the track with the help of my good mate Steve Cox and two of his friends on keyboard and bass. The session took about 2 hours and Andrew, the studio owner, did a second mix for us at no charge. What a great way to enter the music business.

One of the best things about this recording was the lesson it taught me about copyright since for years after I used to get a check in the mail every so often for the performance royalty of the movie from APRA, an Australian organization that tracks songwriters rights globally.

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