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Ric's song No. 2 - High School Exam Piece

Music: Instrumental; two interplaying acoustic guitars. Written about 1980 in Ric's final year at High School.

This song was originally written as part of my High School Certificate music exams. I had selected it as a piece to use for a perofrmance major but my teacher said I would have got a much higher grade if I used it as a composition major which was a downer but a nice compliment.The music comprises a Led Zeppish "Stairway to Heaven" style falling arpeggio with a middle section of light strumming and a lead line incorporating harmonics and ascending diatonic scales. A school freind named Gary Spring accompanied me when i performed it during the exam.

The version here is a re-recording I did later on when I started to learn how to use drum machines and multi-track recorders.

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