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How to get Ric's help

Before you contact Ric
Please respect these few wishes:

  1. Please don't ask Ric for money. He is not an investor or a general philanthropist.
  2. Ric does not do homework for your call... please include a simple explanation of why you need his time and what help you need and he'll do what he can to fit you in. Average wait times are between 1-4 weeks.
  3. Please include your mobile phone in your email... Ric hates typing!
  4. Send your email directly to him .

What Ric has done for others
Some of the things Ric has done for others is:

  • Done patent drawings, written the text of a provisional patent
  • Explained how to simplify existing patent applications that have not been submitted
  • Organised his team to file provisional patents for sponsored inventors for $200 plus workers time.
  • Spoken to investors and partners on behalf of inventors with special inventions.
  • Acted as a reference to inventors existing investors to help them understand the value of the inventors patent.
  • Supported inventors and acted as a reference for inventors who have applied for a goverment grant or loan.

Things Ric will and won't do

  • Ric will usually not travel to see inventors unless it is convenient to meet them during one of his other trips.
  • He likes to avoid signing non disclosures unless the invention is a major significance. He does not want to have hundreds of legal obligations out there, it just makes his life complicated. If you have concerns about this, please have a look at the Australian Story video to work out what kind of person he is and make your own decision about whether you can trust him. He assumes anyone talking about their invention would want to keep the details confidential. It enables him to help more people too.
  • Ric does not invest in other peoples inventions. He has not retired yet and does not want to have a career as a philanthropist, so please don't ask him to invest or to assist you in finding investors.
  • In some cases however, Ric has agreed to help inventors obtain grant or govt loans and this may involve working with the inventors existing or in some cases new investors.
If you have questions or queries regarding this information please make these in the comments for this article.
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