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EASA - Evening with association of electric motor repairers

Last night I had the privilege of being a guest speaker for a great bunch who were enjoying their annual get together at Tweed Heads. They invited me to share the Uniloc story and to talk a bit about being an inventor but it turned into a really good interactive discussion about the Aussie invention spirit and how most Aussie's don't even realize they are inventing. It was amazing that a room of 100+ people were so tuned into the subject.

One thing I took away from the night was that there is a lot more innovation going on in most industries that anyone thinks. One gentleman I met has been engineering custom tools for decades and never even thought he could patent them. A lady I met thought that patents can be routed by doing the smallest changes to an infringing device. I explained that it is about how well the patent is written and ow patents are different to copyright in that patents are like the storyline of a book but copyright is the actual mix and sequence of words.

It was fun to contribute to their happy get together.
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