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Australian Regional Newspaper features zkimmer digital editions

echo original

The local newspaper for one of Australia’s favourite vacation locations has featured a zkimmer edition of their newspaper. The Byron Bay Echo has agreed to publishing the zkimmer edition to accompany an upcoming article about this new technology as it is prepared for sale to unnamed publishers in Australia and the US.

The  zkimmer edition utilizes Ric Richardson’s patent pending technique of laying out a newspaper as a plan view of all the pages of the newspaper that then capitalizes on the power of tiles which is the technology that allows Google Maps to deliver satellite imagery so quickly and efficiently. The technology also utilizes the Deep Zoom tile management system that allows tiles of different magnification level to be smoothly transitioned.


Ric explains that “zkimmer is designed to do digitally what people do when they look at newspapers in real life… moving the paper from close up to arms length as they trade context for clarity… zooming in and zooming out to move from items of interest but coming up close when an article draws the reader in.”

During tests Ric found that users spent far longer browsing or skimming (ie zkimming) versions rendered with the new technology than other examples using flash based magnification and eye candy such as page animation.

We have included a video demo here for you to have a look at so you know what’s going on although the technology is pretty self explanatory. It features a voice over by Ric as he runs through a zkimmer edition of the Echo Newspaper and explains how to use it. Thanks for visiting.

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