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Australian Govt Grant and Loan System amazing but sad it's needed

It seems that every time I run into another company that is just getting going or is doing some serious R&D, that they have been or now in the process of getting Government Grants or Loans.

Back in the States this is unheard of. You would only think of such a thing  if your innovation can only be used by government or the military, and even then there are investment groups and VC's who focus on these areas.

It's really hard to get your head around how this has happened in Australia. It seams that inventors usually mortgage their houses, then rely on family and friends before eventually going to the government who from what I can tell usually contribute $1 for every 1 to $3 you put in. Which may not be a lot since you spent that $3 getting to the point where you need the extra $1 from the government.

I'm getting my head around all this now as I prepare to investigate loan and grant options for the many people that I have done provisional patents...

Here are some of the things I have found:

I am hoping to talk to some AusIndustry people this week or even the Minister for this department in hopes of finding something to help get these many ideas going.
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