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Aussie singing legend Johnny O’Keefe – first Music video ever?

Johhnny Okeefe singing for a music video in Sydney's Hyde PArk

As part of the material I was asked to dig up for my Australian Story Episode, we came across this old music video my Dad did for Johnny O'Keefe when he was first big on Australian music TV show Bandstand.

Artists used to do all their singing in studio to an audience but my Dad was asked to do something creative for the Bandstand people and what he and Johnny O'Keeffe came up with may be the first music video ever shot in Australia.

It must have been around 1968 because my brother and I look as if we are 5 or 6 years old. Look for us in the video. We are the ones playing with th airplane in the later third of the song.

It sure was cool doing something like this with a music legend like Johhny O’Keefe.

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