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About Ric: Overview

Ric Richardson (born May, 1962) is an Australian inventor, technologist and founder of Uniloc, the software company he started in 1992. Uniloc recently received worldwide attention when a jury in Rhode Island sided with the company against Microsoft in a patent infringement dispute.The judge subsequently overturned the jury's decision and the case is now going to the appeal court in the US. During his career at Uniloc, Ric has held the positions of Chairman, CEO and CTO, and remains one of the largest individual shareholders.

Ric left day-to-day activities at Uniloc to begin working as a full-time independent inventor in late 2007. Since that time Ric has worked on a small number of major technology projects as well as a diverse assortment of smaller projects. Major projects include Logarex which is an ambitious logarithmic compression technology that he hopes will radically reduce the size of all stored digital data by between 50-98%, and zkimmer, a digital document viewing technology that uses digital mapping engines to elegantly handle large numbers of photographic quality magazine and publication images.

Ric stepped down as chairman of Uniloc in early 2009 but continues to develop inventions for the company on a regular basis. 
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