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A great idea made better - Pogoplug plus cloud services

The Pogoplug is a really great little solution to personal information and file management. It allows you to connect your hardrive full of stored music, files and videos to be accessed from anywhere on the interent... there is also a real cute interface to the drive system so you can access the drives as if they were local... cool.


Wouldn't it be good if... the Pogoplug supplied a service that cached and forwarded copies of the most popular files that have been attempted to be downloaded on the cloud with the intent to increase speed and reduce dependence on your networks upload speed and avoid data caps. Also use dropbox's public linking system to allow some files to be accessed publicly. Maybe even a series of interfaces and API's to allow some of your files to be connected to secure web sites such as Flickr and Youtube etc.. just get the mind working.

The cache idea seems really important especially when you don't want permanent copies of your content anywhere but on your own hard drives. What do you think?
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