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Australian Story Runs Again

Just got back from Sydney visiting my Dad who had a health scare to find that over 300 people have visited the site in the last hour due to a rerun of the Australian Story episode called "The Big Deal" talking about the struggle with Microsoft. I've also been so privileged to get a lot of wonderful comments on the site about the show and the website... click on the Australian Story icon above to look at articles relating to the show... its a real buzz to think so many fellow Aussies relate to our story... thanks for visiting. Ric

A great idea made better - Pogoplug plus cloud services

The Pogoplug is a really great little solution to personal information and file management. It allows you to connect your hardrive full of stored music, files and videos to be accessed from anywhere on the interent... there is also a real cute interface to the drive system so you can access the drives as if they were local... cool.


Wouldn't it be good if... the Pogoplug supplied a service that cached and forwarded copies of the most popular files that have been attempted to be downloaded on the cloud with the intent to increase speed and reduce dependence on your networks upload speed and avoid data caps. Also use dropbox's public linking system to allow some files to be accessed publicly. Maybe even a series of interfaces and API's to allow some of your files to be connected to secure web sites such as Flickr and Youtube etc.. just get the mind working.

The cache idea seems really important especially when you don't want permanent copies of your content anywher…

Glossary and Terms

Opportunity MomentumThis is a term I have used over the years to describe what happens when a great idea is matched with great people who have executed a similar product market entry in the past, and further backed by financial resources in a balanced way that allows maximum market adoption in the minimum amount of time while preserving a balanced equity position for all parties where everybody remains happy at the point of exit.


This article contains sections relating to Ric's background in the following areas:
Early years Music and Pre Uniloc Days Uniloc DaysUniloc vs MicrosoftIndependent InventorEarly yearsRic was born in Sydney, Australia, to Fred and Helen Richardson. His father is one of the original cameramen of the Australian television era, working for early Australian television programs such as Four Corners, This Day Tonight and later as a stringer news cameraman for national television station the ABC. At an early age Ric started working with his Dad initially as an assistant cameraman and eventually as a sound recordist doing film jobs for the news department at the ABC.
It is during this time that Ric began a lifelong friendship with Jim Revitt, a leading Australian journalist and editor of the television news desk at the time. Ric would often answer a call in the early morning hours, help his Dad load their family station wagon and head out to cover a wide range of news events ranging from su…
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