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11 year old reader of Washington Times

With the young ladies permission I have reproduced an interaction between her and I to illustrate the power of a positive story.

------------- Nov 15, 2009 -------------------

Dear Mr. Richardson,

Hi how are you doing on this blessed day? My name is AM. I am an 11 year old and my mommy read to me about you in the newspaper - The Washington Times. My grandfather inspired me to be a surgical doctor and now you inspired me not just to be a doctor but also an entrepreneur.

My question to you is how to be an entrepreneur. I love when a newspaper is talking about you but you are talking about other people, like your wife, the staff at your company and the shareholders. Also what are shareholders? Thank you so much for inspiring me and reading my correspondence.
Your new friend,
------------ Here is my reply -------------

Dear AM,

What a bright and courteous young lady you are. From your letter it sounds like you will be able to do whatever you set your mind to. Your mum must sure be proud of you. I feel very privileged to have influenced you in a small way that your grandfather has already.

Yes I am an entrepreneur but only enough of one to make sure my inventions get used. In my heart I am an inventor. But if you choose to be a surgeon you can also be an entrepreneur and an inventor at the same time.

You could be an entrepreneur by starting a non profit foundation that dedicates one day every two weeks to doing free surgery for someone in need. Or you could use your experience to find new ways of doing surgery, patenting those (which means registering your idea with the government which will help you by not letting other people steal your ideas) and then using your entrepreneur skills to build a company around those inventions.

Artificial hearts and artificial limbs have all been invented by people who are also surgeons.

What are shareholders? Shareholders are people who invest in another persons idea. By putting their money into a company that owns the idea, they get back a SHARE of the profits that company makes in the future. For example if a company has 100 shares and each share is worth 10 dollars each the company would be worth $1000. Then when the company makes money in the future each share gets 1/ 100th of the profit sent to the owner of that share. So if that company made $500 next year and you owned 1 share you would get $5.

If its OK with you id like to put your letter on my blog and only use your initials... is that OK?
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