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Thanks for the Support

I must say that it has been a wonderful boost to receive all the support and well wishes of people from all over the world and especially from Aussies. In fact some of you were so strong about your feelings, I felt really privileged to have warranted such a sympathetic reaction.

Even the media, especially in Australia has been very fair and to an appropriate degree sympathetic.

As I have said to the Sydney Morning Herald and other newspapers, fighting this battle is not like winning the lottery... you don't buy a ticket, win and go pickup the money... it's a long hard battle.

Even thought the initial win with the jury verdict was good reason to celebrate, the realistic approach is to be ready for the next phase which was anticipated to be a Microsoft appeal... even though we were not expecting what happened (the judge to reverse the jury's decision), we all knew that more rounds were involved.

So yes, I for my part and for my family's part are primed to work past this setback and support Uniloc and the legal team as they and I move forward.

Thanks again to everyone.
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