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Ric is on Australian Story - Mon 24th August at 8pm

By Site Admin - 19th August 2009. After two months in the making, one of the most reputable programs on Australian television, Australian Story, has featured Ric Richardson and a company he founded called Uniloc that received a jury verdict of $388 million US dollars.

The Australian Story episode couches the jury win in the context of Ric's life, his 16 year journey of building the business that is based on the invention he patented back in 1992 and how it has affected him since he decided to make his main base of operation back in Australia.

Some links you may enjoy include:
  1. Background info on the people in the Australian Story such as IBM US Corporate veteran Ravi Marwaha and surfing legend Bob McTavish and even Ric's physical trainer.
  2. Stories from Behind-the-scenes of this episode.
  3. What it's like to be interviewed by Australian Story.
  4. Answers to Questions many people have asked Ric about the show. Many people have asked why there is little mention of the Uniloc company or its people in the episode. This is an example of some of the questions you will find answered on this page.
Other pages you may find interesting include a list of Ric's inventions, more in depth background on Ric, a listing of places that Ric has appeared in the media, a page outlining in simple terms his ideas on how to get your idea patented and into the market place, and a page talking about Ric's next big thing called Logarex.
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