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Who is Jim Revitt

It was really disappointing to search Google for mentions of my good friend and supporter Jim Revitt to find only a mish-mash of references to books he's published and references to his community service.

This post is a small attempt to add a little clarity.

Jim is one of Australia's greatest ever journalists. Period.
As a young reporter he traveled to Canada and the US, then to return home to be Australia's eye and ears during the Vietnam war and a correspondent for Australia's national radio and television networks.

I met Jim when he was editor for ABC television Weekend Magazine (video) in Gore Hill Sydney... I remember convincing him to let me have some ABC-TV stickers working with my dad as a pre-teenager.

Since leaving the ABC Jim has been a tireless worker for his community in the northern beaches area of Sydney. While doing this he also supported and edited some of the books written by his talented neice Di Morrisey who has been Australia's biggest selling female authors for some years now.

Hopefully this summary will do Jim a little more justice.
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