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What's next? zkimmer, Logarex and The Swappery

While the dust settles around the Uniloc case, lots of work is being done on 3 current projects:
  1. zkimmer is now handling much bigger publications. For those of you who dont know zkimmer, basically it is a way of using googlemapsish satellite imagery technology to view magazines, textbooks, fine art and photos... the team just did our first 200 page file so text books look like they are now a solid proposition.
  2. Logarex - the clouds are clearing on this project. It's a high risk long shot and possible follow up to Uniloc. Now that there is a little more time to focus some of the big issues regarding the log tables are starting to get broken down. Maybe fitting a Bluray disk on a USB stick is not impossible...
  3. The swappery - the final pieces to this puzzle are falling into place. This project is being evaluated for patent opportunities but in the meantime I can say that the basic idea is to virtualize everyones libraries of CDs and LPs, and to leverage personal fair use/ and ownership protections to protect buyers and sellers of digital copies that are made available as part of the transaction of physical media. It's got some complexities, but the upside is a business that amounts to a gigantic vitual second hand CD store with a transaction income that exceeds the profit margin Apple gets for its iTunes.
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