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The One Time Card - super secure credit card

The One Time Credit Card is a new approach to the use of existing credit card technology.

All existing attempts to introduce more secure credit card transactions have involved adding new capabilities to the existing network and an education cycle for the general public which is just too complicated and unwieldy to use for most people.

So why is the One Time Card different?

Because it uses existing credit card numbers in a new and simple way. There is no need to update the credit card or debit network. Credit card numbers are issued to users as they need them and can only be used one time before they expire.

A hacker needs to intercept and use each card number and use it before being discovered. This almost completely closes the window for hacking and credit card fraud.

Basically, the One Time Card technology uses the same principles as One Time Password tokens without the pain of tokens. Rather, existing credit card numbers are used and then recycled. The simple nuts and bolts of how this all works will be disclosed in patents soon to be published.

New One Time card numbers can be retrieved via SMS, email or via the web. Ric Richardson has also been in discussion with Smart Card makers who could conceivably supply a credit card that changes its card number every time it is used…

With the One Time Card:

* Your exposure to fraud is radically reduced.
* Merchants don’t need to change a thing about how they process transactions.
* You can order over the Internet or phone with more confidence
* You are always informed as to what is happening with your account.
* You are only one transaction away from knowing if someone is trying to abuse your account.

While the great majority of people may be happy to rely on the fraud protection offered by their bank, there are many cautious souls out there who want to control their own destiny by upgrading their personal financial security.

The One Time Card is for you.
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