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Captains Log - automated voice recorder

Are you a voice note taker? Were you inspired as a child by the idea of recording your thoughts, ideas and daily events when you saw Captain Kirk recording his daily Captains Log on every other episode of Star Trek?

This invention was made for you.

Every time a new voice recorder technology came out, its capability and features were compared with that ultimate benchmark. The closest thing I saw was Jott, a phone service that allows you to call an 800 number and dictate a note which is then sent to a transcription service and returned to you as email...

Sounds simple enough...

But the process is still too cumbersome. Your cell phone has to be in range, you have to wait for the connection and the greeting, and then you cant start and stop the recording as ideas come to you... you have to complete the message and move on... no breaks.

Sadly, these kinds of limitations are often deal breakers for real world use. The fact that Caption Kirk could succinctly capture a days activity in 30 seconds does not mean that any of us mere mortals should be able to do so...

Enter Captains Log Recorder.

This simple invention takes any voice note taking device (be it a phone or dictation recorder) and turns it into an automated dictation powerhouse. Just record voice notes as you would normally... pausing to organize your thoughts and taking as long as you need to complete the note. When your message is complete it is saved to a customized SD card that senses when a new file has been recorded there and automatically looks for a wi-fi connection to upload the file to a predetermined service of your choice.

Services being planned are:
  • A man-friday virtual assistant service that transcribes the message and optionally acts on it.
  • A more simple transcription-only service that converts the audio to text and returns it to you via email.
  • A simple mp3 email routing service that timestamps the mp3 file and sends it to your email address for you to manage yourself.
  • A more advanced service that looks for keywords at the beginning of the audio file such as "task" that will tag the email as a task and file the email when it arrives at your email folder.
  • We may even be able to partner with your favorite transcription services such as Jott.
What you need?
All you need to be able to do this is a voice recorder or cell phone with voice recorder software that also has an SD card slot and the ability to save to that card as a default. The other thing you will need is a Captains Log SD card.

To get it all to work all you need is a PC to select which service you want to use and to setup which wi-fi networks you want to use with usernames and passwords. The software runs as soon as you insert the SD card in your PC and then you're set.

Every time the Captains Log card comes into range of a listed or open wi-fi network your voice messages are automatically uploaded and processed.

  • Capturing a log of what happened today
  • Capture ideas at their moment of inspiration.
  • Updating your calendar with voice messages
  • Dictating emails on the fly
  • Capturing important personal notes and todos as they occur to you.
  • Automating emails to other people via preset keywork recognition... "To John. Please update the status on the Widgets order for me. Ric"
Maybe we can all capture a bit of Star Trek magic.
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