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zkimmer - high resolution digital publications

In June 2007, Ric was sitting with his brother, Raece who was lamenting over the sad state of the online magazine technology available to him as a publisher of a high end lifestyle magazine called Space Magazine. Upon investigation Ric found that the majority of the technology focused on animated page turning using flash and switching between low and hi res images of magazine pages. None of it worked! Either the zoom was too big or too small to be comfortably viewed and the page loading was ssssslllllooooowwwwww.

In a typical inventors epiphany, Ric saw the publishing of online magazines as a pure high resolution graphic function and immediately saw that the most advanced and developed technology out there is being used for managing map images... ie Google Maps satellite imagery. Over the next weekend Ric commissioned a RentAcoder project to rip a map using Googles API but to use scans from a magazine instead of map data and zkimmer was born.
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